mevo frequently asked questions

Below are commonly asked questions we received from mevo users so far. We highly recommend you browse the questions below or check out the mevo chat forum before submitting a support question to the MEVO team. There is a very good chance you will find your answer below.

1. General

What comes in the box?

Along with your mevo, you will receive a USB charging cable, about 50 metal stickers, a carrying pouch, and a manual.

What is the warranty for mevo?

There is a 1 year hardware warranty on manufacturer defects.

Is there a yearly fee?

On the app and within the iPhone / Android phone / Tablet (coming soon) data and videos are stored based on the available memory on the device., our on-line Cloud portal, enables users to view, store, and review each practice session that is synced from the app.

All FlightScope mevo data parameters are available free of charge. Videos require a subscription for on-line storage and viewing. 

2. Hardware & Technology

How does mevo compare to other FlightScope models?

Mevo is a 3D Doppler radar unlike our other models which are 3D Doppler tracking radars with phased array technology, tracking the club through impact and the ball until it lands. Mevo has limited capabilities and available data parameters compared to other FlightScope models, but it is the most accurate of its kind.

It is however unique, as it is a multi-sport radar which is synchronized with your iPhone/Android phone/Tablet (coming soon) to automatically record and clip video of your swing with data overlay. FlightScope mevo was developed as a consumer product for athletes to practice with a purpose, but to still receive lessons/tips from their instructor using the higher end FlightScope model.

Does mevo have a built-in camera? How is the video recorded?

No, mevo does not have a built-in camera. The video is taken with the camera on your iPhone/Android phone, or tablet (coming soon) in the mevo app. The mevo radar synchronizes the action video clip, which is recorded on your phone/tablet automatically. The result is an action video clip of your swing with your captured data overlaid.

What is the size of mevo?

Dimensions: 3.55 x 2.76 x 1.18 in

Weight: 0.4375 lbs

Does mevo have its own power source?

Yes. The battery life is up to 4 hours on a full charge.

How long does it take to reach a full charge?

Mevo’s battery reaches a full charge in about two hours. Charging times will vary with different charging voltages.

Does mevo work with BodiTrak or FocusBand?

Mevo works with FocuBand but does not work with BodiTrak. 

3. Mobile Devices & Apps

What phones does mevo work with?

5, 5c, 5s 
6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus
7, 7 plus
8, 8 plus, 

Android phones: 

Samsung Galaxy 
Android 5.0 & up

What tablets does mevo work with?

iPad (requires iOS 9.0 or later & Bluetooth 4.0): 

mini, mini w/ retina display, mini 4
Retina display
Air, Air 2
iPad Pro


Samsung Galaxy 
Android 5.0 & up

Do the apps support metric and non-metric units of measurement?

Yes: In Settings you can choose between Metric(km/h, m, seconds etc ) , Imperial( mph, feet and inches etc) or Scientific(m, seconds, m/s etc) units.

How much are the mevo apps?

There will be different apps for each sport and each app is free for mevo owners. The mevo golf and baseball apps are already available for download in the App store or on Google Play. Soccer will be released in 2018!

Will the Golf app have a combine feature?

Not at the moment but we hope to have that for you in the near future!

Is there a practice driving range view with the Golf app?

No, there is no driving range view.

Can you input more than 14 clubs in the Golf app?

Yes, there is an unlimited number of clubs that can be added.

Can the Golf app accept the club Loft of each club?

Club Loft can be input manually.

4. Setup & Usage

Can mevo be used indoors and outdoors, and how much space is required?

Golf: Yes – mevo can be used indoors and outdoors. The space requirements for indoors is 8 feet of ball flight and 4-6 feet behind the impact. In total you will need up to 13 feet of space.

Baseball: Yes – mevo can be used indoors and outdoors. The space requirements indoors are as follows:

For hitting: 8-feet minimum of ball flight and 6 to 9 feet behind the tee.

For pitching: Full mound to home plate ball flight and 6 to 9 feet behind the pitching rubber.

Can mevo be used when balls are hit into a net?

Yes, for both golf and baseball this is possible as long as the minimum space requirements listed above are met.

Where should the mevo unit be placed for best results?

Golf: In golf, mevo should be placed 4-6 feet behind the golf ball on the ground. 


For hitting: Place the mevo 6 to 9 feet behind the tee, or the tip of home plate, and align vertically with the baseball.

For pitching: Place the mevo 6 to 9 feet behind the pitching rubber and align vertically with the pitcher’s release point.

What is the purpose of the small metallic stickers you sell for mevo golf users?

Metallic stickers are needed in order for the Mevo to accurately measure ball spin, both indoors and outdoors.

For mevo golf, can metallic sharpies be used instead of stickers?

Not currently, we are working on additional solutions that will make this possible in the near future.

For baseball, can mevo be used during front toss?

Yes, and off a tee. 

Can mevo record video with data overlay?

Yes. Once you select video in the settings, the app will access the camera on your mobile device. In addition, slow-mo video is available for mobile devices that have that feature.

5. Data & Accuracy

For golf, what type of spin does mevo show?

Mevo only shows backspin. No spin axis.

Does mevo simulate ball flight?


What data parameters are calculated?

Golf: Carry distance, height, and time are calulated. 

Baseball: Carry distance is calucaleted. 

Does mevo work in low light conditions?

Yes it works great. Radar technology does not require direct sun light for accurate measurement and is completely unaffected by low light conditions.

Can mevo measure dispersion and lateral distance for golf ball tracking?

No. However, mevo does provide carry distance, club head speed, ball speed and many other valuable data parameters!

What type of data does mevo display for baseball use?

For hitting, Mevo displays exit speed, vertical launch angle, and carry distance.

For pitching, Mevo displays pitch speed and spin rate.

For baseball, can mevo measure pitching and hitting at the same time?


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